RATINGS: A = must own B = buy it C= average D = yawn F = puke

Johnny Winter with Dr. John – Live in Sweden 1987

Rating:  A

Man, oh man is it fun as f*** when a label like MVD finds something so cool, so bad-ass and so get down and rock ‘n’ roll as they did with Dr. John sitting in with Johnny Winter back in Sweden during 1987.  Holy smokes, they make reviewing a CD and DVD easy.  They are sold separately, by the way... but I say buy them both.  

Two masters on the same stage... grizzled vets and survivors by 1987, this duo simply set up and bashed out a set so blue that any of the THREE KINGS (BB, Albert or Freddie) would be jealous!   

Look, there is no glitz, no go-go dancers, no titty shots… no fancy stage setup and no big light bar extravaganza.  The ‘show’ was the people on stage and the tones they were pumping out.   

Every song, every note, every second is a gift of what makes blues rock so damn awesome.  It is fun, it is emotional, it is shallow, it is deep, it is fun and it is sad.  It is an experience.   

Dr. John is one cool cat on this thing.  Johnny Winter is Johnny Winter.  The man had demons, but no matter what he stuffed into his veins he could not extinguish the music inside of his soul. Together they make a pretty amazing one-two punch.  The worst thing about this album is that it is not long enough!  

This is winner and a true snapshot of greatness.  Buy it NOW.   

Track Listing
    Sound the Bell
    Don't Take Advantage of Me
    Mojo Boogie
    You Lie Too Much
    Sugar Sweet
    Love Life & Money
    Jumpin Jack Flash
    Prodigal Son (bonus from 1972 DVD Only) 

By Jumpin’ Jeb “Flash” Wright