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Cold Truth – Grindstone

Rating:  B+

In keeping with their established modus operandi of releasing an album every 6 years or so, it seems that Tennessee rock ‘n roll outlaws Cold Truth are right on time as they have just recently unleashed their third slab of classic rock goodness entitled Grindstone.

Look, if this was a perfect world, this blazing, hardworking blue collar rocking quartet would be releasing a new album every year and touring world stages non-stop to critical acclaim. Thane Shearon (vocals, guitar), Kurt Menck (guitars), Abe White (bass) and Matt Green (drums) are flat out the real deal and have been since 2003 and let me tell you Grindstone is well worth the wait. These guys know what it takes to write searing, no frills, kick ass rock ‘n roll songs and they have more melodies and hooks up their sleeve than you’ll find down at the local bait and tackle shop. They come flying out of the gates with the killer opening track “Livin’ Hard”, which sets the tone right from the get go and doesn’t let up for the next hour or so as they jam the hammer down, taking  the listener on a twelve song tour de-force that encompasses everything you love about classic / southern tinged rock ‘n roll. There are highlights a-plenty here as once again they do a fabulous job of blending straight up, beer raising, hog riding anthems like “Where The Music Takes Me”, “No Sleep ‘Til Sturgis”, “Keep Your Hands On The Wheel” and “Give It Time” (which features some great backing vocals courtesy of Bekka Bramlett), with the bluesy, slow burn of the title track, “The Long White Line” and the kick ass patriotic closing track “Free Man”.

Every time I slap one of Cold Truth’s discs into my CD player (yeah I still have one of those) I swear it instantly makes me yearn for long hot summer days, cold beer and the smell of good old fashioned BBQ. They may not be the most prolific bunch as far as recorded output goes, but I’ll be damned if Grindstone isn’t the perfect proof that quality trumps quantity every time, and more importantly, that the good things in life are always worth waiting for. All you gotta do is crank it loud ‘n proud!

Track Listing

Livin’ Hard/ Where The Music Takes Me/ No Sleep ‘Til Sturgis/ Leave Your Leather On/ Grindstone/ The Long White Line/ New Horizon/ Hands On The Wheel/ Last Man Alive/ Take Up Serpents/ Give It Time/ Free Man   

  -Ryan “Livin’ Hard” Sparks