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Ragdoll - Back To Zero
Firestarter Distribution Australia

Rating: A-

Ragdoll is a relatively new band hailing from Perth Australia, featuring Ryan Rafferty on bass and vocals, Leon Todd on guitars, and Cam Barrett on drums.  They have been playing the annual Rocklahoma festival every year since 2012 -also doing minor U.S. tours during their visits- gaining a sizable U.S. fan base with these appearances. Their sound is a mix of melodic, guitar driven rock, with some modern influence thrown in, giving them a thick heavy sound all their own. 

Having released two EPs, Here Today in 2012 and All I Want in 2013, Back To Zero is the trios first full length effort.  The EPs were very good, but it feels as though the guys have finally hit the sweet spot with the new release.  This is definitely an album to listen start to finish.  Tracks like "Shine", "Playing God", and "Letting Go" have a heavier groove oriented sound to them, and are great songs to get the blood pumping.  "Rewind Your Mind", "The Last Time" and "Dreaming Out Loud" have a more laid back feel to them, with maybe a little more 90’s flavor (ala Candlebox) to them.  "Love On The Run" is just a straight ahead rocker that will appeal to all genres of rock music lovers. 

The musicianship is top notch.  Rafferty’s soaring Glenn Hughes-esque vocals really add feeling and power to the already deep lyrics.  Todd’s guitar work is both heavy, and razor sharp, with soulful solos.  Barrett’s drum work is nothing short of stellar.  Accurate, and punches like a heavyweight boxer. 

The bottom line, Back To Zero will appeal to both lovers of classic rock, and modern rock, as the sound is blended with absolute perfection.  Keep an eye on these guys, as their future looks very bright with this release.

Highlights :  "Shine", "Playing God", "Rewind Your Mind", "Letting Go", "Love On The Run"

Track Listing:
1 Back To Zero    1:41
2 Shine   4:40
3 Playing God    4:44
4 The World You Gave Us   4:08
5 Rewind Your Mind    4:22
6 The Last Time    4:35
7 Letting Go   3:24
8 Dreaming Out Loud   3:35
9 Save Me   3:42
10 Love On The Run    3:19
11 Kungfoolery   4:17

By Michael d'Avignon