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Ken Sharp – New Mourning 

Rating: B+

Ken Sharp is back with his fourth album of power pop— light on the power and heavy on the pop.  This is perhaps his finest effort, and it is no wonder as he took nearly a decade to create this fun little collection of tunes.     

Best known as one of the top classic rock scribes on the scene, it’s pretty darn cool to see Sharp put his money where his mouth and fingers are... becoming one of those dudes he writes about and interviews.     

Produced by Sharp and Fernando Perdomo (Todd Rundgren and Jakob Dylan) the album is a throwback to days when people wanted more from music than a dance beat and bass.  Sharp crafts his songs, paying attention to every aspect of the creative process.  The result is music that is uncomplicated, honest and true.   

Sharps biggest weapons are his songwriting and his vocals, which stand out as his signature sound which separates him from the pack.  His is not a great voice, yet it is pure and all his own.  Perhaps one way of describing his timbre and style would be a softer and gentler Geddy Lee remaking songs off of Get the Knack… 

Speaking of The Knack, their bass guitarist Prescott Niles lends his talents to a couple of tunes while pop maestro Rick Springfield also performs on two songs.  Babys guitar player Wally Stocker guests as well, performing on the best song of the bunch “Dynamite and Kerosene.”   

The album has many emotions, ranging from poppy ditties to heartfelt songs about sadness and loss.  It is this range of emotions that gives Sharp’s effort the human equation.  Mix in that realness with a bit of talent, uniqueness and famous friends and you’ve got a pop-rock winner!

Want some new stuff you have not heard before that will have you tapping your toes and cranking the volume knob?  Then go here and order this sucker.  

Track Listing:
1. Dynamite & Kerosene
2. Let’s Be Friends
3. Solid Ground
4. Burn & Crash
5. Haunts Me
6. Bad News
7. LA Can Be Such A Lonely Town
8. Satellite
9. 1000 Guitars
10. I Should Have Known
11. The Worst
12. Mr. Know It All
13. Put The Blame On Me
14. Loser

By Jeb “Bad News” Wright