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Prasanna – All Terrain Guitars 
Susila Music

Rating:  Don’t ask me... I have NO idea!

Guitar wizard Guthrie Goven once said this about the artist named Prasanna, “If you don’t know about Prasanna, prepare to be terrified.”

Guthrie is right on the money!  This stuff is crazy weird… and why shouldn’t it be as the person named Prasanna’s playing is rooted in the ancient Indian art of Carnatic music. 

Until I listened to this album, I had never bothered to peruse Carnatic music... my search is over... in fact, I am retreating.

Let’s just say I am not a fan! 

But, because Prasanna lists Frank Zappa as one of his major influences, well... it can’t be all bad... Old Frank somehow put a stamp on this one for sure.  The other major influence Prasanna cites is Illayaraja… who I am not familiar with, and quite possibly never will be. 

I guess if I was going to the lunch buffet at India 4 U this would be the restaurant background music that I might choose, if given a choice.

On All Terrain Guitar Prasanna blends vocals and music in a totally unique way.  Some call them soundscapes and some are just confused as hell.  I fall somewhere in-between. 

“Springtime in New York” is more jazzy and I get that.  “Lava” has a bit of electric magic and some fantastic guitar playing.  “Nap of the Earth” starts to lose me as this is where it begins to get strange.  “Final Approach” makes me think Prassana may dig Santana.  In fact, this stuff kinda makes me think that if Yoko Ono and Santana had a baby and raised the kid on a steady diet of unclassified mushrooms, weed and meditation… and then gave the kid a lot of music lessons involving a sitar, kazoo and guitar… it might be named Prasanna! 

All I can say is that is not music for people who enjoy Air Supply.  But it is adventurous, creative and unique.  Trust me… talent is abundant.  Style is… well… freaking crazy!

Instead of going any further… probably best to advise one to use the Internet and research this one yourself. 

It will eventually fall into one of the basic two categories which music falls in… it will either be music you like, or music you don’t!


1. Springtime in New York
2. Song for the Wind
3. Lava
4. Nap of the Earth
5. Pinch Pennies in Monaco
6. 31
7. Final Approach
8. Electron Dance
9. The Keyword is Love

By Jeb “What the hell was that” Wright