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Adam and the Ants – Kings of the Wild Frontier Deluxe Edition  

Rating: B

Adam Ant was one of the most memorable characters in the punk rock/new wave movement during the late 1970s and early 1980s.  This was before he became an MTV darling and a solo artist.  This is when Adam Ant was the charismatic, kinda creepy and energetic leader of the band Adam and the Ants and played something called “Antmusic.”  Yes, it was a LONG time ago and the whole thing would be even less understood if it came out today than it was when it was originally released. 

Still, it was kinda cool stuff, to be honest.  It was not hard rock… it was not pop… it was not punk… it was not new wave.  It was, for lack of a better word… Antmusic!  At the helm of the ant movement was Adam and, truth be told, Kings of the Wild Frontier was an aptly named album for artists bullying forward and creating a new style of fashion, music and art. 

Sony Music has taken the time to look back to this groundbreaking album that brought us the ‘Ant-classics’: “Dog Eat Dog,” “Antmusic,” “Killer in the Home” and “Jolly Roger.”  To dress it up, they even added a rare second disc that features the band performing a 17-song set in Chicago in 1981 as well as three bonus tracks. 

Adam sums up Kings of the Wild Frontier by stating, “Everything till then had been black and white… from now on there had to be color, dash and fire… heroism… we felt like heroes and here was the soundtrack to make others feel the same."

Antmusic has lasted for over three decades.  It’s so hard to get rid of damn ants… even this one!  Instead of spraying repellent, try taking a closer listen.  This stuff really is charming, dashing, weird, bold, rudimentary, sophisticated and sophomoric all at the same time.  Adam is a musical pirate/weird guy at a costume ball… as creepy as he seems to be, there is something interesting that makes you want to hang out with him.  The music holds the same personality as its leader… it sounds weird but you end up wanting more.  

At the end of the day, this stuff ain’t music… its art! 

Disc One (CD)
1. Dog Eat Dog 3.09
2. Antmusic 3.36
3. Feed Me To The Lions 3.01
4. Los Rancheros 3.29
5. Ants Invasion 3.20
6. Killer In The Home 4.21
7. Kings Of The Wild Frontier 3.55
8. The Magnificent Five 3.06
9. Don’t Be Square Be There 3.31
10. Jolly Roger 2.09
11. Making History 2.57
12. The Human Beings 4.31
13. Press Darlings (B Side) 4.11
14. Physical (You’re So) (B Side) 4.26
15. Fall In (B Side) 2.0816. Don’t Be Square (Be There) (KPM Studio Demo)* 4.23
17. The Human Beings (KPM Studio Demo)* 4.56
18. Los Rancheros (KPM Studio Demo)* 3.33
19. Making History (KPM Studio Demo)* 3.44
Alltracks fully remastered by Adam Ant & Walter Coelho

*tracks 16-19 previously unreleased

Disc Two (CD)Adam & The Ants Live in Chicago 1981*
1. The Human Beings [live] 3.35
2. Dog Eat Dog [live] 3.14
3. The Magnificent Five [live] 3.03
4. Don’t Be Square Be There [live] 3.20
5. Los Rancheros 3.33
6. Ants Invasion [live] 3.12
7. Killer In The Home [live] 4.15
8. Cleopatra [live] 2.54
9. Press Darlings [live] 3.47
10. Kick! [live] 1.55
11. Antmusic [live] 3.14
12. Beat My Guest [live] 3.04
13. Jolly Roger [live] 2.11
14. Zerox [live] 3.11
15. Car Trouble [live] 3.21
16. Kings Of The Wild Frontier [live] 4.33
17. Physical (You’re So) [live] 5.22
18. A.N.T.S. 3.30
19. Antmusic (Rough Cut)** 3.24
20. Don’t Be Square Be There (Rough Cut)** 3.52

all tracks mastered by Adam Ant & Walter Coelho
*tracks 1-17 previously unissued on CD
**tracks 19 and 20 previously unreleased

By Jeb “Press Darling” Wright