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The Dead Daisies – Make Some Noise

Rating: B+

Dead Daisies is a supergroup that is a project of Australian musician David Lowy, who also plays rhythm guitar in the group.  Lowy is most famous for playing with the Australian rock bands Red Phoenix, Mink and Doc.  The band lost a couple of members since their last album, but have no fear... this band is back better than ever before. 

Their latest album, Make Some Noise, features excellent musicianship, as the clever hooks and killer guitar solos demonstrate.  The guitar heroics come courtesy of the one of the most sought after lead guitarists/songwriters in the hard rock genre these days… Doug Aldrich.  Not enough can be said about this guy.  He is the total package… he writes amazing tunes, plays lead like Randy Rhoads, has the coolest tone cranked from his goldtop Les Paul and looks cool as hell to boot—and he’s even a nice guy. Whatever project Doug Aldrich takes part in, one can rest assured it will rock the way rock is supposed to rock!

Now, the rhythm section ain’t so shabby either.  The visually and sonically amazing Brian Tichy bangs on things while the svelte Marco Mendoza expertly thumps the low end. That makes for a sexy groove no matter which bathroom you use. These guys have passion and execution. Ex-Motley Crue throat John Corabi is icing on an already delicious rock ‘n’ roll cake.  He has a unique vocal sound that gives the band identity. 

Make Some Noise features 10 original tunes that harken back to the days when chicks panties got wet watching rock bands strut their stuff.  “Song and a Prayer” would have been a #1 smash if this were 1988.  The solo proves Aldrich is a modern day rock god! “Mainline” is a pounding mess of riffs and solos that have more than a touch of old school Aerosmith to them (you know… back when they didn’t suck). The entire album is nothing but a slab of pure hard rocking heaven. 

In addition to the originals, there are two remakes.  Both are good, but one much better than the other.  The CCR classic “Fortunate Son” rocks, but let’s face it, that song has been kinda sorta worn out.  They could have chosen a better one.  Oh wait, they did choose another one.  They remade The Who’s “Join Together.”  Now THIS is a remake.  Pete and Roger have to be in awe of how Dead Daisies took their old tune and breathed hard rockin’ new life into it.  I certainly hope they play this one live… hell, they should open with it!

“There are lots of very good reasons why this kind of rock ‘n’ roll has never gone out of fashion,” the band said in a press release. “Our songs are simply timeless, immortal, classic! That’s why working with the Dead Daisies is so much fun, and that’s why the reaction is always phenomenal, no matter when and where this band turns up.”

David Lowy added. “This band is first and foremost about our passion for this kind of music and about celebrating classic rock’n’roll. Because one thing is clear: if we have fun in the studio and live on stage, that spark is bound to ignite our audience.”

Buy this album because I said so… it rocks… you will be happy with it. Then look for the Dead Daisies opening for Kiss this summer in the USA.

Honestly, this is a solid album start to finish that gives old dudes hope rock is actually alive and well… despite the name of the band!

The Dead Daisies’ ‘Make Some Noise’ Track Listing
1. “Long Way to Go”
2. “We All Fall Down”
3. “Song and a Prayer”
4. “Mainline”
5. “Make Some Noise”
6. “Fortunate Son”
7. “Last Time I Saw the Sun”
8. “Mine All Mine”
9. “How Does It Feel”
10. “Freedom”
11. “All the Same”
12. “Join Together”

By Jeb “Doug-Man-Crush” Wright