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Todd Rundgren – An Evening With Todd Rundgren – Live At Ridgefield
Cleopatra Records

Rating: B

This show was recorded live at the Ridgefield Playhouse in Ridgefield, CT on December 15, 2015. Todd Rundgren put on a performance that luckily was captured live in both audio and video. Rundgren, a solo artist, a producer, a founding member of Utopia, an interactive artist and a video pioneer, is first and foremost a musician, yet the branches of his tree reach throughout rock history. Todd has produced more than 50 records for many of rock’s biggest stars including Meat Loaf, Cheap Trick, The Band, Grand Funk and Hall & Oates. He was also the guitarist on the amazing album Bat of Hell by Meat Loaf. 

On this night in 2015, Todd was only working for himself and the result was a packed house, full of his most faithful fans.  They were there to see the man team up with Kasim Sulton on bass, Prairie Prince on drums, John Ferenzik on keys and Jesse Gress on guitar. This is a great collection of his biggest hits and fan favorites... and don’t think for one second his audience was not thrilled with his power packed performance! 

“Hello It’s Me” and “Bang The Drum All Day” may be his most beloved tunes by the masses, but this sucker reaches throughout his entire career going to the days of The Nazz and continuing right up to 2015! 

The sound and visual is great and the set list is a Rundgren fan’s paradise.  This is a great concert by a true visionary artist. Oh… and the band performs “Black Maria” which shows Todd can rock much harder than one ever imagined.

Todd Rundgren is a household name to his fans.  He is a trivia question to the casual music fan.  Most of all, at least on this night in December of 2015, Todd was a rock star!  He won’t like me saying that… but he was. 

Track Listing:
1. I Saw The Light
2. Love Of The Common Man
3. Open My Eyes
4. Sometimes I Don’t Know What To Feel
5. Black And White
6. Buffalo Grass
7. Determination
8. Lost Horizon
9. Bang The Drum All Day
10. Kiddie Boy
11. Black Maria
12. Drive
13. Secret Society
14. Love In Action
15. Couldn’t I Just Tell You
16. Can We Still Be Friends
17. Hello It’s Me
18. One World

1. Intro / I Saw The Light
2. Love Of The Common Man
3. Open My Eyes
4. Remarks
5. Sometimes I Don’t Know What To Feel
6. Black And White
7. Love Science
8. Buffalo Grass
9. Determination
10. Lost Horizon
11. Bang The Drum All Day
12. Soothe
13. Kiddie Boy
14. Black Maria
15. God Said
16. Drive
17. I’m So Proud
18. Ooh Baby Baby
19. I Want You
20. Secret Society
21. Love In Action
22. Couldn’t I Just Tell You
23. Can We Still Be Friends
24. Hello It’s Me
25. One World
26. Credits

The CD/DVD package comes in a special 6-panel digipak! Also available on limited edition vinyl!

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By Jeb “Banging Me Drum” Wright