RATINGS: A = must own B = buy it C= average D = yawn F = puke

Jeff Worley (Jackyl) -  No Filter: Stories Better Left Untold Part I

Rating: B+

Jeff Worley is a founding member for the chainsaw wielding rock band Jackyl.  As the band’s lead guitarist, Jeff has traveled the world and seen it all, mostly in the raw.  Now, against the advice of any of his sane family or friends... and possibly his attorney, he has decided to write about his experiences. 

In No Filter: Stories Better Left Untold Part I Jeff discusses topics ranging from the size of Peter Frampton’s penis, to the size of Huey Lewis’ penis, to roadies smuggling marijuana across international borders, to hanging out with Billy Gibbons (no mention of his penis or potential unusually long pubic hair) and various other stories from the dark underbelly of the world that is called Rock ‘n’ Roll.

Each topic ranges from a few lines to a few pages.  Usually, however -the long or the short of it- what is actually written is funny as hell.  When it is not funny, it is usually disgusting. Nothing is taboo.  In addition to penis size there is plenty of talk of turds, pot, concerts, violence, car crashes and other oddities of stupidity that Jeff has been fortunate to be a witness, a suspect, party to, an accomplice, a person of interest or a known associate. 

This is not Hemingway, so expecting emotional prose will lead to disappointment.  This is, however, an unfiltered look at the brutal, and often hilarious happenings when one is in a band called Jackyl.  Whether it is crashing a car or having a woman give him $200,000 Worley just smiles, asks the reader to brace him or herself, and then tells it like it is. 

From the band’s humble beginnings touring clubs to seeing his front man Jesse James Dupree’s penis on the Jumbo-Tron at Woodstock (I am starting to see a theme here) one can’t help being glued to this book (without the pages sticking together). 

Jeff’s brother Chris told me backstage when Jeff gave me a copy of this book to review, “This is a book to read on the crapper.”  He didn’t tell me that I would keep it there forever, to read again and again.

When Jackyl retires, Jeff can easily take his talents to the stage as a standup comedian as I finished this sucker a week ago and I’m still laughing. 

Jeff’s take on his career is akin to a classic song by the Rolling Stones: He knows it’s only rock ‘n’ roll but he likes it. 

Warning: Not for the faint of heart. 

By Jeb “Down on Me” Wright