RATINGS: A = must own B = buy it C= average D = yawn F = puke

Salty Dog – Every Dog Has Its Day
Rock Candy Records

Rating: B

Rock Candy has done it once again!  They have found a killer hard rock record that has not been given the proper respect it’s due and then proceeded to fill it full of new life.  Salty Dog came out of California and should have been the next big thing.  They were bring real rock back to the hair spray era ala Great White and Guns ‘N Roses.  Fate is an evil thing...

The band released this lost classic in 1990 just as the AquaNet hair spray dissipated.  While many albums are often claimed to be ‘shudda-been’ classic, this sucker really shudda been a big hit.  The opening track “Come Along” rocks like a big dog as does “Cat’s Got Nine.”  The rest of the album is not far behind these two great numbers. 

Now, Rock Candy Records has given this one a bunch of extras that make it even better than before, including a 12-page color booklet, a 3,500 word essay complete with enhanced artwork, previously unseen photos and new interviews.

Fans of the band American Dog will notice that Salty Dog’s bass player is the same guy!  Oh yeah… Michael Hannon rocks!

This is a good album by a damn fine band.  It will be welcome in anyone’s music collection that ever thought about cranking it up to 11.

Track List:
01. Come Along
02. Cat’s Got Nine
03. Ring My Bell
04. Where The Sun Don’t Shine
05. Spoonful
06. Just Like A Woman
07. Sim Sala Bim
08. Keep Me Down
09. Heave Hard (She Comes Easy)
10. Lonesome Fool
11. Slow Daze
12. Sacrifice Me
13. Nuthin’ But A Dream

Re-issue 2010 Bonus Tracks:
14. Keep me Down (original demo)
15. Come Along (original demo)
16. The Bucket Song (unreleased demo)
17. Ring My Bell (original demo)

Re-issue 2016 Bonus Tracks:
14. Keep me Down (demo)
15. Come Along (demo)
16. The Bucket Song (demo)
17. Ring My Bell (demo)

Band Members:
Jimmi Bleacher – vocals, guitar and harmonica
Pete Reeven – guitar, banjo and background vocals
Michael Hannon – bass and background vocals
Khurt Maier – drums and percussion

By Jeb “Hannon Rocks” Wright