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Various Artists – She Rocks Vol. 1
Favored Nations


Rating: A

Release Date: January 20, 2017

In a time when our country is divided leave it to rock god (or rock dog, whichever you prefer) Steve Vai to release a cool-ass album that shows we are all worthy of rocking out no matter what we look like or what bathroom we use... or how much time we spend in it.

Woman rockers usually only get noticed if they are smoking hot – and yes, these lovely ladies are all visually compelling—yet, it is their 6-string prowess that is on full display on She Rocks Vol. 1.   These 11 rocker chicks (or would rocker woman be more appropriate? I just don’t know how to discuss gender anymore) are each amazing in their own right and each have mastered their craft in their own unique voice.  This is not a good ‘female’ guitar album, it is an excellent guitar album!

The album is produced by a guy who knows a thing or two about great guitar players, former chief at Guitar World magazine Brad Tolinski, with executive Producer Steve Vai having the ultimate say over how this sucker sounds.  This groundbreaking release shows hard rocking females can throw down as well as any penis-dangling guitarists out there.  Now maybe we can admit that we need all of us to unify, rock out, to create great riffs, lead by example and keep this music alive and well!

The biggest names on the album are Lita Ford, Orianthi, Nita Strauss and Jennifer Batten.  Some of the other less-than-household-names will shred your balls—errr—socks off.  Yasi Hofer... OMG as the kiddos say these days!  This woman is articulate in her shredding and has such dexterity that Yngwie may hold a secret jealousy of her skills!  Kat Dyson brings da-blooze into the mix and her playing is as smooth as her sexy vocals. The guitar feast continues with Sarah Longfield who brings her love of all things Pat Metheny into the mix and the results are her jaw-dropping aural skills.  Steph Paynes brings weird tunings and an old school ‘70s vibe while Nili Brosh sneaks in a very Vai attitude to her playing.  Not to be left out, Gretchen Menn –ironically playing a MusicMan guitar- is obviously classically trained with a love of distortion and harmonics while Yvette Young is self-taught and brings a smooth new-age vibe to her playing. 

Orianthi opens the album and sets the bar high.  She is a true virtuoso in every sense of the word.  Lita Ford bashes out the Led Zeppelin classic “The Lemon Song” with grease, grime and a big fun bag of sexy.  Jennifer Batten is so original that one knows it is her as soon as she starts to play... or maybe it’s Jeff Beck.  The other A-Lister, currently on tour as Alice Cooper’s axe master, lovely Nita Strauss, puts on a soundscape with her six-string that will blow you away. These four ladies lead the way, but each guitarist showcased on this release brings her skills in a big way. 

In all seriousness, this is not just a novelty album.  This is the real deal.  This is a showcase of guitarists that any rocker or guitar enthusiast should not just know about, but should fully support. 

Buying this album may help to close the gender gap, but more importantly it celebrates what we, as men and woman rockers, love the most… killer guitar playing. This sucker will amaze. 

Do yourself a favor and buy it! Let’s all rock out with our... oh, never mind.

Click over and get more info: http://www.favorednations.com/artists/sherocksvol1/

She Rocks, Vol. 1 Track List:
1.            Orianthi – “Transmogrify”
2.            Yasi Hofer – “Cosmic Stars”
3.            Kat Dyson – “U Know What I Like”
4.            Sarah Longfield – “The Taxi Time Travel Task Force”
5.            Lita Ford w/Lez Zeppelin – “The Lemon Song”
6.            Jennifer Batten – “In the Aftermath”
7.            Nita Strauss – “Pandemonium”
8.            Steph Paynes – “The Sun at Her Eastern Gate”
9.            Nili Brosh – “A Matter of Perception”
10.          Gretchen Menn – “Scrap Metal”
11.          Yvette Young – “Hydra”