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Warrant - Louder Harder Faster 
Frontiers Music


Release: 12 May 2017

Rating: B+

Warrant was that band… you know the “Cherry Pie” boys, the definition of Hair Band rock ‘n’ roll.  They had syrupy ballads, swinging, crowd pleasing rockers and tons of record sales.  They had rockin’ tunes with the lickity-split guitar solos for the boys and the touching ballads for the girls.  They sold it all the way to fortune and fame, complete with hot shit model Bobbie Brown making guys excuse themselves to the bathroom after watching their videos.  This band was the shit.  Then Grunge hit.  Then, a few years down the road, frontman Jani Lane took rock star excess to the point of embarrassment, and ultimately to his death.  This was one band that, despite every effort they made, seemed doomed to do themselves in at every turn.  Warrant was close to being the bad example of what could happen in rock ‘n’ roll and they were even the butt of evil and mean-spirited jokes.  Then… something happened. No, not Nickelback... Warrant regrouped.

Enter Robert Mason.  Look, Jani Lane was an iconic figure for hard rock/hair bands  or whatever you want to label it.  Warrant was one of the last mighty bands of the 80’s barely squeaking in one album,  their debut Dirty Rotten Filthy Stinking Rich before the decade of decadence ended.  They started the 1990s out strong with Cherry Pie and they solidified a place in history.

When Jani died it seemed no one would take his place… and in a sense no one can.  But just as Brian Johnson was able to replace Bon Scott and Sammy filled in well at the vacated spot left by Dave, Mason has stepped in for Lane and done an amazing job.  Not only can he f-ing sing his ass off, he is fun as hell to watch on stage, passionate about music and he is a talented songwriter.  Robert Mason does not make the band but Erik Turner, Jerry Dixon, Joey Allen and Steven Sweet are damn happy they asked him to join the band. 

With the release of Louder Harder Faster Warrant actually proves, as they did with their last album Rockaholic, that Warrant is much more than just one of those Aqua Net bands.  Warrant always rocked, but I am not sure they have ever rocked with such consistency over an entire album.  There are a couple of slow tracks, but even those tunes have attitude.  The solos are crisp and out front and the rhythms are tight and loud. 

“Louder Harder Faster” hopefully will be the tour opener as there is no better proof that this is hard rock and even a metal band on this sucker.  “Devil Dancer” is another tune with attitude.  Next up “Perfect” adds some pop but the song makes you groove and move from start to finish.  “Only Broken Heart” has a real Thin Lizzy feel to it and is rather addictive.  Mason takes it over the top with the tune “U In My Life.”  This one is so Beatles that McCartney may think he wrote it!  The song has great structure, good balance, and while it is a softer song, it has it all.  It is a shame the world of music is too fucked up to welcome a well written song onto the single charts, as this song is timeless, classy and deserves success. 

If you want to bother the neighbors then play “New Rebellion” as loud as possible.  This is old school middle finger rock.  “Big Sandy” is a funny tune about a groupie who ate too much cherry pie to fit in her spandex!  This one rocks and is amusing.   “Choose Your Fate” features some tasty guitar solos.  The album ends with “Let It Go” which is a heartfelt rocker with a nice message .

Warrant is a very solid band.  The all original ‘cept for Jani lineup sees a group of guys who believe in their music in 2017 as much as, if not more, than they did in 1989.  Mason fits right in and has earned his right to be called the lead singer of this band.  He is true to Lane’s parts live in concert, yet it is obvious he has more physical dexterity in his vocals.  He is the perfect choice.

This is a good album start to finish.  Don’t overlook this one. 

Warrant is truly a band on a mission to rock ‘till they drop!

Track Listing

01 Louder Harder Faster
02 Devil Dancer
03 Perfect
04 Only Broken Heart
05 U In My Life
06 Music Man
07 Faded
08 New Rebellion
09 Big Sandy 
10 Choose Your Fate
11 Let it Go

Robert Mason – lead vocals
Joey Allen – lead and rhythm guitar
Erik Turner – rhythm and lead guitar
Jerry Dixon – bass guitar
Steven Sweet – drums

By Jeb “No Excess Here” Wright