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The Rolling Stones: “Olé Olé Olé! A Trip Across Latin America” 
Eagle Rock Entertainment

Rating: A

Olé Olé Olé! A Trip Across Latin America  by The Rolling Stones is a documentary film by Paul Dugdale.  Originally a theatrical release in Europe in 2016, Eagle Rock Entertainment has slapped this puppy on DVD and Blu-Ray to the absolute joy of rock fans everywhere.

The concert tour took place over ten cities in Latin America including the famous concert they performed in Cuba, which was released as Havana Moon.

Olé Olé Olé! takes the fan inside the world of perhaps the most successful rock band to ever tour the world.  Keith Richards is so fun…Mick still has his wry smile and the rest of the band seem to be enjoying becoming aging rock stars.

Despite the massive success they have had over their lifetimes The Stones genuinely appear excited on this trek and even discuss how gratifying it is to reach new markets and make new fans.  This film truly captures the personalities of each band member and the collective soul that is The Rolling Stones.

It is well done to the point that it will be watched more than once by any rock fans who appreciates the history this film represents.  It is that entertaining.  And if that were not enough there are seven full-length performances from the tour (listed below) included.

The Rolling Stones have allowed the average fan into their world…and in this case, in some ways, it is a new world to them as well.

Well done!


Concert Performances
1) Out Of Control (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
2) Paint It Black (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
3) Honky Tonk Women (Sao Paulo, Brazil)
4) Sympathy For The Devil (Sao Paulo, Brazil)
5) You Got The Silver (Lima, Peru)
6) Midnight Rambler (Lima, Peru)
7) Miss You (Lima, Peru)

By Jeb “Start Me Up” Wright