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Gov’t Mule - Revolution Come…Revolution Go
Universal Music

Rating: B+

Warren Haynes is the heart and soul of the band Gov’t Mule. He is also, much more.  As a member of the Allman Brothers he brought life back into a band that had gone stagnate.  Now, as a member of Gov’t Mule he mourns the recent death of bandmate Gregg Allman.  Life certainly goes in circles...

The Allmans are not the only outfit Haynes has played with, however.  His credits are multiplying. He is so sought after that he could easily stretch himself too thin if he were not careful.  But he is careful.  And he is amazingly talented.

Revolution Come…Revolution Go is the new disc by Gov’t Mule.  Haynes always seems to be in top form when it comes to the Mule.  He has, along with Matt Abts on drums, Jorgen Carlsson on bass and Danny Louis on keyboards and guitar, done it once again. Warren also co-produced the album with Giordi Johnson and Don Was.  The album was recorded in Austin, Texas, which explains that Texas blues/BBQ feeling dripping all over it!

The album opens with the song “Stone Cold Rage.”  The wah-wah soaked tune is angry, irritable and most importantly grooves like a son of a bitch!  This is the best tune this band has cranked out in some time…not to say that they have been resting on their laurels.  It is quite the opposite.  They have simply kicked it up a notch with this tune.

The album comes across as part Mule and part solo-style Haynes.  For instance, “Outside Myself” would be very at home on a solo album where “Click Track” is total Mule.  The album, not mixing styles, but rather mixing Hayne’s emotions, makes for a huge listening experience.  At times it is like Pink Floyd…but full of bluesy guitar solos.  Other times it’s like Mule meets  Hendrix or SRV. Other times it is even Grateful Dead.  The album is, simply put,  a big wonderful Warren Haynes stew of musical statements…and lyrical statements as well.  If Warren does not want to call the lyrics politically motivated then they are, at the very least, his take on today’s society.  Either way…they often as captivating as the music.

While the album lacks huge slabs of greatness, other than “Stone Cold Rage,”  that’s okay because it is all more than good.  Suffice it to say that this is a long way from a pop, or even a rock album.  This one is just Warren and the Mule, which is way more than enough to satisfy. In fact, it is more than any other Jam band can match.

The bottom line is that  Revolution Come…Revolution Go is good start to finish.  Considering that spans 18-tracks with the three bonus tunes included…that’s saying something!

Track Listing
Stone Cold Rage
Drawn That Way
Pressure Under Fire
The Man I Want To Be
Traveling Tune
Thorns Of Life
Dreams & Songs
Sarah, Surrender
Revolution Come, Revolution Go
Burning Point featuring Jimmie Vaughan
Easy Times
Dark Was The Night, Cold Was The Ground
What Fresh Hell
Click - Track
Outside Myself
Revolution Come, Revolution Go (Alternate Version)
The Man I Want To Be (Live In Studio Version)
Dark Was The Night, Cold Was The Ground (Live In Studio Version)

By Jeb “Bad Little Doggie” Wright