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Heart – Alive in Seattle
Eagle Rock Entertainment

Rating: B

Eagle Rock Entertainment and the band Heart are re-releasing their glorious DVD Alive in Seattle.  Originally hitting shelves in 2003, and once again in 2008 (as a multi-format edition) the latest and greatest 2017 edition is a stand-alone DVD that features all 19 songs performed on that special evening. 

The band returned to their home of Seattle on August 8, 2002 and gave their all to the biggest fans.  The result is a performance that is everything one would expect…and then some.  The high energy, brought about by the hometown love, affected band and audience alike.  This can be seen and heard from the opening number “Crazy On You.”  Ann Wilson just tears this one up…and the slow part is simply amazing! 

Of course all the huge hits are there.  The early days are represented by ”Crazy On You,” “Straight On,” “Mistral Wind,” “Dog and Butterfly,” “Magic Man,” “Barracuda” and “Dreamboat Annie.”  The 1980s comeback songs “These Dreams,” “Alone,” and “Heaven” are included as well. The new slowed down version of “Alone” is spellbinding. 

In typical Heart fashion they throw in some really cool live moments, the first of which is the song “The Witch.”  The sisters are huge fans of Led Zep so of course their famous rendition of “Black Dog” is brought out.  A bigger surprise is the inclusion of the Zep cut “Battle of Evermore.”  If Plant ever decides he needs a replacement for a Led Zep reunion Ann Wilson is this writer’s first choice.

The album looks as good as it sounds.  A barefoot Ann is pretty cool to watch!  Watching the emotions when Heart covers Elton John’s “Mona Lisas and Mad Hatters” is very moving.  The band dedicate the song to New York City, as this was not long after the 9-11 tragedy. 

This is the one to own…it has all the tunes. 

“Alive in Seattle” 2017 DVD edition track listing:

1.  Crazy On You  
2.  Sister Wild Rose
3.  The Witch  
4.  Straight On
5.  These Dreams  
6.  Mistral Wind  
7.  Alone  
8.  Dog And Butterfly
9.  Mona Lisas And Mad Hatters  
10.  Battle Of Evermore  
11.  Heaven  
12.  Magic Man  
13.  Two Faces Of Eve  
14.  Love Alive  
15.  Break The Rock  
16.  Barracuda           
17.  Wild Child  
18.  Black Dog  
19.  Dreamboat Annie

By Jeb “Heartless” Wright