RATINGS: A = must own B = buy it C= average D = yawn F = puke

Josh Todd & The Conflict - Year of the Tiger
Century Media Records

Rating B-

After nearly twenty years Buckcherry has, yet again, purged key members and either split up or gone on hiatus…depending on which member of the band you believe. The crux this time is the split between the originals: guitarist Keith Nelson and vocalist Josh Todd.

This schism has created this monster as this is the debut of Josh’s new outfit dubbed Josh Todd & The Conflict. A product of the times that have spawned it and maybe a catharsis of sorts that is all over the map style wise. Todd’s second release away from the Buckcherry banner (Todd’s solo record You Made Me came out in 2003) and is far more diverse and harder rocking than anything he has lent his voice to before. For The Conflict Todd has brought along Buckcherry guitarist Stevie D. for the ride. D. also co-produced the album with Stone Temple Pilots drummer Eric Kretz.

Year of the Tiger kicks off with the punk infused title track showing Todd screaming either out of frustration or anger setting the tone of several tunes on the album. “The Conflictalso sets a defiant tone that makes you wonder if it’s directly aimed at a particular individual; Mr. Nelson perhaps??

There are more commercial standards here for the casual fan such as “Indeed” and the ballad “Good Enough.” Both are great tunes that have the possibility of being holdover s from Buckcherry’s career but sound good here but sound forced almost as if it was a record company thing. “Push-It” and the hand clap shuffle of “Rain” are good tracks as well. Of course what would a Josh Todd album be without obligatory cadences of the F-bomb. Fear not fans of profanity there is plenty here to please the foulest of mouths far and wide.

The problem I have with this release is this...Many of these tracks could have made up the next Buckcherry release. Todd’s voice is unique and totally his own. Many casual fans who know tracks like “Sorry” or “Crazy Bitch” would assume this is the new album so pulling in new fans will remain to be seen.  It’s a worthy album with multiple spins but instantly sound scattered. Because of that it had to grow on me.

If you give it a chance it will grow on you.

1. Year of the Tiger
2. Indeed.
3. Fucked Up.
4. Rain.
5. Good Enough.
6. The Conflict.
7. Story of My Life.
8. Erotic City.
9. Push It.
10. Atomic.

By Jay Horrocks Jr.