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Jeff Beck – Live at the Hollywood Bowl
Eagle Rock Entertainment

Rating: A+

I can’t believe that in 2017 we are being treated to such amazing releases by such amazing artists! 

Eagle Rock Entertainment has done it again with a Blue Ray/2-CD release of Jeff Beck’s Live at the Hollywood Bowl. 

Jeff is one of a handful of individuals to truly be a guitar god to the guitar god’s.  He quietly, over the  last half a century, has transformed what is possible with the six-strings, as well as transfixed audiences around the globe.

On this release Jeff jams with some pretty famous musicians including Steven Tyler, Billy F. Gibbons, Jan Hammer, Beth Hart, Jimmy Hall and the great Buddy Guy.  The best of the best lineup to play with Jeff.  The energy of this show will raise the hair on one’s arms every time they watch/listen to it.

The concert went down in one of the most famous venues in the world in the summer of 2016.  Beck was celebrating 50 years in the music business.  The two-time Hall of Fame inductee put on a show worthy of his presence!  The former member of the Yardbirds performed many of that bands classics but also went to the moon with tunes like “Freeway Jam” and “Blue Wind” featuring Jan Hammer.  Buddy Guy jams the blues and Steven Tyler belts out “Train Kept A’Rollin’.”  Yet, when Jeff does “A Day in the Life” as an instrumental he shows just what a talent he is.

This is some amazing musicianship by Jeff and his band.  “Holy heck” is all this writer can muster up when watching this performed live on Blu-ray.  The sights and sounds are just amazing.  When I thought it couldn’t get any better Beck brought out Beth Hart, Jan Hammer, Rosie Bones, Jimmy Hall and Steven Tyler to perform Prince’s “Purple Rain.”  The song was better than the original…and I believe Prince was looking down beaming with pride.

This is what music can bring to the world.  It is something our world desperately needs.

Jeff Beck can, and did, bring it on this night just as he has done for the last 50 years.

Buy this one now.   

1) The Revolution Will Be Televised   
2) Over Under Sideways Down   
3) Heart Full Of Soul    
4) For Your Love   
5) Beck’s Bolero   
6) Medley: Rice Pudding / Morning Dew   
7) Freeway Jam   
8) You Never Know   
9) ‘Cause We’ve Ended As Lovers   
10) Star Cycle   
11) Blue Wind        
12) Big Block   
13) I’d Rather Go Blind   
14) Let Me Love You   
15) Live In The Dark             
16) Scared For The Children   
17) Rough Boy   
18) Train Kept A’Rollin’   
19) Shapes Of Things   
20) A Day In The Life   
21) Purple Rain

By Jeb “Bolero” Wright