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Alice Cooper - Welcome To My Nightmare Special Edition DVD
Eagle Rock Entertainment

Rating: B+

I remember 10-year-old Jeb staying up late to watch Alice Cooper: The Nightmare on TV.  I had heard people talking about this insane dude than sang in a band and had a girl’s name.

My older sister said he was gross and killed animals and ate poop onstage. I thought, “No way.”  Part of me believed her. My parents certainly didn’t want me watching that…but it was going to be watched, that much I knew for sure.   

While there ended up being no animal killing or poop eating, I will never forget being totally creeped out by the nightmare Steven had that night. I may have had one after watching that myself! I was pretty creeped out by Alice in that bed…and Vincent Price was terrifying as the emcee of the dream.

Each sequence/video was a different song on the then newly released Welcome to my Nightmare. My young eyes watched in horror. The music was rocking, the scenes were scary—sort of. I remember thinking they were kind of silly…but since I was supposed to be scared I made sure I was indeed wide-eyed. The special effects were weird but for the time they were very artistic and outlandish. Nothing was more horrifying that song “The Black Widow” however…well maybe “Only Woman Bleed.”  I was way too young to see that sort of thing!

Eagle Rock Entertainment did a killer job of taking me down memory lane. I swear I was that little kid terrified that I would be caught watching Alice Cooper! It goes to show that the story of Alice was much worse than the real life Alice, or even the character Alice. Yet, it was the suspense of Alice that really put us all on the edge of our seat.

Eagle Rock outdid themselves with this one. They didn’t just put The Nightmare back out for public consumption, they paired it up with the classic live concert film! 

Once again young Jeb was up late watching Alice Cooper. I was wise enough to realize by now that there would be no poop or animals sacrificed but that was okay. I looked forward to the concert film. I had to keep the volume down and sit close as I didn’t want to miss a note…I also didn’t want to wake up my parents or my older sister who would tell on me for sure.

I remember being totally creeped out by Alice being in the graveyard with that neon tombstone…Oh my god that was freaky. The show was spellbinding and mixed horror with a theater and twisted it up all around a hard rock concert. I had never seen anything like it. I became an instant fan. 

Truth be told, all these years later the show is kinda silly…but in a really awesome way!  This was more fun to watch in the current day and go back down memory lane than it was to be staying up late breaking the rules.  Okay…I have to say Alice sings better live now than he did then…probably the booze. But for pure shock rock history this is a one-two punch that can’t be beat.

It is all that was Alice Cooper at the time. A nation was in horror as Cooper was the devil incarnate according to parents across the land.  As it turns out…we now realize Alice was a showman, a goofball and golfer. But back then, at the time, we waited on the edge of our seat for him to sacrifice a chicken or stab a stuffed baby.

Alice scared us. He rocked us, too. At the end of the day, Cooper changed rock ‘n’ roll forever. And Eagle Rock Entertainment has it all together in one awesome package. 

Alice Cooper had just left his solo band and was now on his own.  The persona of Alice Cooper would become so big the Alice almost eventually drank himself to death trying to escape it. Now we get to step into a time machine and do it all over again.  

Don’t miss a moment of this double-DVD.  After all this is literally the music your mother warned you about. 

Track listing:
"Welcome To My Nightmare":

01. The Awakening
02. Welcome To My Nightmare
03. Years Ago
04. No More Mr. Nice Guy
05. I'm Eighteen
06. Some Folks
07. Cold Ethyl
08. Only Women Bleed
09. Billion Dollar Babies
10. Devil's Food
11. The Black Widow
12. Steven
13. Escape
14. School's Out
15. Department Of Youth

"The Nightmare":
01. Welcome To My Nightmare
02. Devil's Food
03. Some Folks
04. Only Women Bleed
05. Cold Ethyl
06. The Black Widow
07. Years Ago
08. Department Of Youth
09. Years Ago (Reprise)
10. Steven
11. The Awakening
12. Ballad Of Dwight Fry
13. Escape
14. The Awakening (Reprise)

By Jeb “The Billion Dollar Baby” Wright