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Lou DiBello – Heat Wave

Rating: B

Lou DiBello has played over 2,500 paid gigs. He has also given over 25,000 lessons. He is a honors grad from The Musician’s Institute in California. He also knows Ross the Boss. He’s opened for bands like 38 Special, Slaughter, LA Guns, Molly Hatchet, Foghat, Quiet Riot, Survivor, the Black Crowes and Blue Oyster Cult. And he can play the six-string kinda like Joe Satriani.

So…why have you never heard of Lou?

He lives in Central Illinois…not New York, LA or even Nashville. For a Midwestern boy, Lou has done good…amazing actually. He is now back with his fourth release titled Heat Wave.

Heat Wave contains a mixture of instrumentals as well songs with vocals. The instrumentals feature face-melting guitar soloing. The songs with vocals also feature face-melting soloing…just a little less of it.

The title track will make one sit up and pay attention. This tune could would have been very at home on the classic guitar hero album Surfing with the Alien!

“Let Me Hear You Scream – Rock & Roll!” is as silly lyrically as the title sounds…but musically it rips.

The best tune with words is the sonic yet surreal “Blood on the Cross.” This showcases more complex songwriting around the verses and features yet another great solo. It also features Ross the Boss on guitar with Lou.

“Full Throttle” is just as it sounds…TONS of solos.

See a theme here?

Oops, I forgot “Drop Deadly.” This may be the best song with lyrics. This, along with the title track, are the songs that will demand repeated listens. 

“Into the Arena” closes out the album just as “Heat Wave” started it…with a guitar solo! In case you wondered…yep…it is a remake of the Michael Schenker classic.

Lou is not reinventing the wheel here, nor is he trying to be anyone besides who he is. The result is a great guitar soloist doing what he feels he was born to do.

Fans of shredding should check this sucker out.

We will let Lou have the last word on what one can expect from Heat Wave. 

"Heat Wave is my 4th solo release and by far my best effort to date. The fact that I worked with such a great group of people was key, most notably singer Carsten Schulz, bassist Mike LePond, and legendary guitarist Ross ‘The Boss’ Friedman. It was a real honor to have Ross play dueling leads and harmonies with me on the epic track ‘Blood on the Cross,’ and he gave me valuable advice along the way as well. The record is a nice blend of hard rock/metal with vocals as well as instrumental tracks with a real emphasis on good songs with great guitar playing, as opposed to just great guitar playing. All out rocker ‘Let Me Hear You Scream - Rock & Roll!,’ as well as instrumental tracks ‘Full Throttle’ and my take on the Michael Schenker classic ‘Into the Arena’ are a few of the highlights.” 

To order a copy of Heave Wave please visit: http://hyperurl.co/r1i8gf

Track listing:
1) Heat Wave
2) Let Me Hear You Scream - Rock & Roll!
3) Blood On The Cross
4) The Meeting
5) Full Throttle
6) Drop Deadly
7) When All Is Lost
8) Into The Arena

Line Up for Heat Wave
Lou DiBello - Lead and rhythm guitars, bass guitar
Carsten Schulz – Vocals
Bobby Whiles – Drums
Mike LePond - Bass guitar (Blood On The Cross/Drop Deadly/Into The Arena)
Ross "The Boss" Friedman - Lead guitar (Blood On The Cross)
Tim Rixstine - Keyboards, synthesizer

By Jeb “Damn, it’s hot in here” Wright