RATINGS: A = must own B = buy it C= average D = yawn F = puke

Laura Wilde – Sold My Soul
Vice Grip Music Group


Rating: B

Good news! The person to save rock and roll is not only a talented guitarist, who can write fun songs with clever hooks, play killer guitar solos and has a passion for classic tunes…she is also SMOKING HOT. Laura Wilde comes from the Land Down Under and her good looks will melt your eyes while her raw riffage will melt your ears.

Her music is as much Joan Jett as it is Foo Fighters; as much Suzi Quatro as it is AC/DC. That said, she does not copy those bands, instead she mixes her influences with her own style and comes up with fun music.

At age 22, her mission is to bring back traditional rock for a new generation of fans. She lives this stuff and she loves what she lives. It is refreshing to hear someone hell bent for real rock and roll and willing to risk everything to bring it back.

The best songs are the title track, “Backseat” and “For You.” Laura described the song “Soul My Soul” this way, “It’s a celebration of my coming to America and all of the amazing places I hope to see when I get out on tour. I guess it was also a bit of an American geography lesson. Now I can name and place most of the 50 states.” Another strong track is “Nothing Back” which showcases Laura’s dedication to moving forward and make it.

While she is easy on the eyes, Laura is not using her looks as an advantage instead, she relies on her talent and passion to introduce a new generation to music that matters.

By Jeb Wright