RATINGS: A = must own B = buy it C= average D = yawn F = puke

UFO – The Chrysalis Years (1980-1986)


Rating: C+

The second batch of UFO albums to come out in a five CD set covers the non-Michael Schenker years of the band, which as most people will tell you contained some good music but was missing the magic. The albums included in this box set are No Place to Run, The Wild the Willing and the Innocent, Mechanix, Making Contact, and Misdemeanor.

While The Wild the Willing and the Innocent and Mechanix were fine albums, the other three releases left a lot to be desired and can best be described as okay albums with a few great tracks and a lot of forgettable tunes. That said, there are some great studio tracks on these albums including “Take It or Leave It,” “Chains Chains,” “Long Gone,” “Profession of Violence,” “The Writer,” “You’ll Get Love,” “Let It Rain,” “Diesel in the Dust,” “Meanstreets” and “Wreckless.”

What makes this collection appealing, however, is not the plethora of studio tracks but rather the bonus tracks and live cuts. The BBC concert from 1980 is the best thing this release has going for it, as it even includes some of the classic tunes like “Only You Can Rock Me,” “Love to Love,” “Doctor Doctor,” “Too Hot to Handle,” “Lights Out” and “Rock Bottom.” There is also a 1983 concert from Hammersmith that shows UFO, no matter who is in the group, are a great live band.

While this one won’t get the casual fan off his butt, the seasoned UFO fan will be checking this one out for the live content and the bonus tracks alone.

By Jeb Wright