RATINGS: A = must own B = buy it C= average D = yawn F = puke

Lenny Kravitz – Mama Said 21st Anniversary Deluxe Edition
Virgin Records


Rating: B+

Okay, this album came out in 1991, so some may argue it is not “classic rock” but one can also argue that no matter what the year, an album is classic by sound. Lenny Kravitz was Retro before Retro was even cool. Now, 21 years down the road, Lenny has re-released the album that pushed his career into the stratosphere.

Mama Said sold nearly two million copies upon release, was certified platinum and was the first Top 40 album in his career. The album saw Kravitz open up and show the world he loved to rock but he also loved to groove as there is as much soul as there is hard rock.

The entire 14 tracks of the original album appear on the deluxe version but there is another disc and tons of bonus features. For starters, there are B-sides, 12-inch singles, live cuts and demos. After digesting this two-disc special one will really be able to crawl into Kravitz’s mind and take a look at his creative sensibilities. There are songs co-written by Slash and Sean Lennon which are very cool. Slash even plays on the songs “Always on the Run” and “Fields of Joy.”

While this one may “only” be 21 years old, and not “classic”, it is damn good music and a fine album indeed.

By Jeb Wright