RATINGS: A = must own B = buy it C= average D = yawn F = puke

Tedeschi Trucks Band – Live: Everybody’s Talkin’
Sony Masterworks


Rating: B+

The best husband and wife team in the world of Jam Bands has released an amazing double live CD from last year’s hugely successful tour. Derek Trucks of the Allman Brothers and Susan Tedeschi of The Susan Tedeschi Band compliment each other better than hard butter on warm grits. This is a pure and simple damn good CD that will constantly find its way back into your CD player or iPod.

The two-disc set contains only 11 songs in all with the first CD containing 7 of those. There is a ton of jamming going on and not just on guitar. There are piano solos, horn solos, drum solos and bass solos. The band is on fire from start to finish. The album is an awesome representation of the live performance that was toured around the USA in 2011. Produced by Derek Trucks, the album is a hit without a weak moment.

“Everybody’s Talkin’” starts the show and from the opening slide guitar one can tell this is going to be a great evening of music. “Midnight in Harlem” features a “Swamp Raga” intro and includes “Little Martha.” “Bound for Glory” is one of the best tunes this band has ever performed but that can be said for each song featured in the concert.

Disc two really sees the jamming come through with “That Did It” followed by “Uptight” and “Love Has Something to Say” which goes right into “Kissing My Love.” The set ends with “Wade in the Water.”

What started out as a project has turned into a full fledged band and it is this writer’s prediction that we will start to see more and more of the Tedeschi Trucks Band as the Allman Brothers load begins to lighten over the coming years. While it will be sad to see the legendary Allmans slow down, it is great news for music fans that this band will be busy filling the void.

By Jeb Wright