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Pink Floyd – The Story of Wish You Were Here
Eagle Rock Entertainment


Rating: A

Pink Floyd went from a semi-successful band to superstars with the release of Dark Side of the Moon in 1973. The band returned to the studio to record the follow up, Wish You Were Here, which they released in September of 1975. Upon release, the album soared to # 1 on the charts in both the UK and the USA. While the album may not be as successful as its predecessor, it is the favorite Pink Floyd album of guitarist David Gilmour, as well as many of Floyd’s diehard fans.

This documentary takes an in-depth look at the making of this iconic album. Every stone is overturned, from the songwriting, the inspiration behind the music, the arguments over the creative process, the making of the album cover and even the unexpected visit from former member Syd Barrett to the studio.

Every member of Floyd is interviewed; new interviews are with David Gilmour, Roger Waters and Nick Mason while the late Richard Wright discusses the album via archival footage. The album cover artist, Storm Thorgerson is interviewed, as well as the man who was set on fire to get that great shot needed for the cover.

Roy Harper, guest vocalist on “Have a Cigar” is interviewed and Waters performs the song on acoustic guitar, showing how he thought it should have been done. Original recording engineer, Brian Humphries, revisits the master tapes at the legendary Abbey Road Studios and breaks the songs down, bit by bit, to show how the album was constructed.

Simply put, this DVD is a masterpiece. All Floyd fans and all rock fans in general, should purchase this one for the historical value alone. This is one of the best rock and roll documentaries ever produced, hands down.

By Jeb Wright