RATINGS: A = must own B = buy it C= average D = yawn F = puke

Nigel Dupree – Up to No Good
Mighty Loud Entertainment


Rating: B

On July 31st, Nigel Dupree and his father, Jesse James Dupree of Jackyl will release their albums simultaneously (click here for the new Jackyl review). Like his pops, Nigel has a true love for loud, greasy, grimy, dirty barroom brawl rock and roll. You could say that this rocker didn’t fall far from the tree.

Unlike his dad, Jesse, however, Nigel did not grow up playing chainsaws, instead, he grabbed a Les Paul guitar. Nigel is a good guitarist who can write an infectious hook. The album starts out with the rocker “Attitude,” a three chord hard rocking tune with a great riff and solo. Nigel brings it on strong with “Push” while perhaps the best song on the album is “Blame.”

Nigel Dupree is not reinventing the wheel. Instead, he has the look of a young Ted Nugent and a sound that mixes all of the bands that influenced his daddy. Dupree is a young rocker who is keeping the music we all love alive, hopefully, passing it on to the next generation.

This is an album made to be cranked up while cruising down the highway or while at a backyard BBQ.

Bottom line: This kid can freaking rock.

By Jeb Wright