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Albert Cummings – No Regrets
Ivy Music


Rating: B+

Who the hell is Albert Cummings and how did he get so damn good at playing the blues? Well, on August 28th all one has to do is check out his new CD titled No Regrets to find out who he is. How did he get so good? The blues is a lifestyle, so my guess is that it is part skill and part life lessons he has learned along the way.

An obvious fan of Stevie Ray Vaughan, Cummings has even sat in with Vaughan’s band, Double Trouble, and they liked what they heard. How could they not? Cummings music is heartfelt, well written and he plays a damn mean guitar solo.

While he may be a fan of SRV’s he is not a copycat. Albert plays his own style of the blues, but does not mind slipping in a little tip of the hat to his heroes.

Check out his website and, if you love blues, preorder the disc. Its good stuff that will find its way back into your CD player often.

By Jeb Wright