RATINGS: A = must own B = buy it C= average D = yawn F = puke

Lynch Mob – Sound Mountain Sessions
Rat Pack Records


Rating: B

George Lynch invited Ratt’s Robbie Crane and Oni Logan into the studio for a few days and the guys jammed until they had four new songs. The songs were good enough that it was decided to release the four song album in order to let the fans hear that the Lynch Mob is back and grooving as good as ever.

“Slow Drag” starts this one off with George Lynch proving he is not just a great guitarist from the Hair Band era; he is a great guitarist, period. In fact, his playing on this EP is just what the doctor ordered for those who jones for the good old days of killer solos. “Sucka” is the coolest groove on the album and will have those who may doubt old rockers can still deliver the goods second guessing the future of hard rock.

The star of the show is George Lynch. This is his band and he leads the way but the supporting cast on this album carries the ball as well. This one will make you anxious for a full release from this version of Lynch Mob. Hopefully, that will be coming soon, along with a tour!

By Jeb Wright