RATINGS: A = must own B = buy it C= average D = yawn F = puke

Rival Sons – Head Down
Earache Records



Rating: B

Rival Sons are a new band that, get this…and I’m serious…they freaking rock. I mean rock like music SHOULD rock…like it used to rock. There are elements of everything from Joe Bonamassa to Black Crowes to The Cult to Badfinger and well, a bunch of other cool bands, as well.

These guys are from LA and they succeeded in becoming popular playing music with real songs, real solos, and real harmonies. They lean on the blues/rock greats of the past yet they also put their own stamp of originality on their songs.

What the F are they thinking? Don’t they know this music is dead? How DARE they sound different than everyone else and try to make a living on crafting original songs instead of just being a cookie cutter type band that sounds like everyone else!

Okay—enough sarcasm but the truth is these guys ROCK and they mix every era from the 1960’s to the modern day.

While other bands may have been hailed as saviors of classic rock in the past, Rival Sons are the real deal. Hats off to Earache Records for being brave enough to sign them, grow them and actually promote them.

By Jeb Wright