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DIO – The Very Beast of Vol. 2
Niji Entertainment Group


Rating: B+

Too many people think DIO was just Holy Diver and The Last in Line but as this new collection, titled The Very Beast of Vol 2, demonstrates Ronnie James was just getting warmed up.

Featuring music from the latter part of his career, including the albums Killing the Dragon, Master of the Moon and Magica, this album shows that DIO was still vibrant and were making some of the best music they had ever recorded. The best songs are “Killing the Dragon,” “Push,” “Along Comes a Spider,” “Fever Dreams” and “Feed My Head.”

There are plenty of surprises, as well, including a tune called “Elektra” which was going to be on a follow up album to Magica.

Before Ronnie passed away he said this about the song, “It's a really good song, and part of the whole Magica trilogy. It's hard for it to stand alone, so I did write an explanation of what it was about. It's just a brief glimpse into what will be Magica again. There are some special plans."

The album also includes one of the last songs written by Ronnie, titled “Metal Will Never Die.” Add to that another bonus track, “Prisoner of Paradise,” a live tune “Hunter of the Heart” and the blistering “Lords of the Last Day” and you have one killer Metal album, indeed!

This one should be played loud and often.

By Jeb Wright