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Steven Rosen & Andrew Klein – Randy Rhoads (Book)
Velocity Publishing Group


Rating: A+

Veteran music journalist Steven Rosen along with Andrew Klein, have created a fantastic tribute to one of the most iconic guitar players of all time, Randy Rhoads.

This is a HUGE book, both in content and size! Its large, oversized coffee table book stature makes this wonderful for Randy’s fans to display for all to see.

The content, featuring a very well crafted biography, with tons of interviews and hundreds of pictures, make this as much a shrine to the fallen guitarist as it is a book.

The book is filled with tales of who Randy was, both on and off stage, by those who were closest to him, all written by one of the most respected rock scribes in the business. The result is a book that draws the reader back, time and time again, to fill his or her senses with all things Randy Rhoads.

The photographs in the book, literally hundreds of them, from dozens of photographers, chronicle Randy’s career from his earliest days, to his final days on earth.

This is an emotional book for Randy Rhoads fans and the price tag of just under a hundred bucks is worth it, as after one reads, and views, this book, Randy Rhoads comes to life before your eyes.

Randy was a true Rock Icon who we lost many years – even decades – too soon. Rosen and Klein have done a tremendous job of taking this shy, quite and reserved young man and showing his fans whom he was, as both an artist, a composer, a musician and a man.

For those who remember Randy, and for those who discovered him after his demise, this book is a powerful tribute to one of the best rock guitarists to ever grace the stage.

By Jeb Wright