RATINGS: A = must own B = buy it C= average D = yawn F = puke

IZZ – Crush of Night
Doone Records


Rating: B

Prog fans will enjoy this thriller of an album. Part 2 in a Trilogy, the album features a guest appearance by Prog God Gary Green of Gentle Giant on the song “Words and Miracles.”

The music is very addictive. There is a lot going on which lends to greater musical experiences the more this one is listened too.

“We started recording some of the tracks for this album at the same time we were working on The Darkened Room, so there is definitely a strong sense of continuity between the two albums,” notes keyboardist and vocalist Tom Galgano. “At the same time, as we developed the pieces for Crush of Night, it began to take on its own identity and in many ways is completely different from what was heard on the last IZZ record.”

The epic, 26 minute suite, Crush of Night” is a complex and emotional musical passage that will often drop jaws with its excellence. Melodies and rhythms come and go, swaying and swooning between diverse instrumental passages.

"Having Gary come to the studio and record with us was an amazing experience,” says IZZ bassist John Galgano. “Gary came in and not only added his signature guitar playing, but also contributed to the writing, added a few blistering solos and even sang backing vocals on Words and Miracles. It is a great honor to have Gary playing alongside us on this record and we know that fans of Gary will enjoy the guitar artistry that he’s added to this IZZ record.”

IZZ is made up of Paul Bremner: electric and acoustic guitar, Anmarie Byrnes: vocals, Brian Coralian: electronic and acoustic drums and percussion, Greg DiMiceli: drums and percussion, John Galgano: bass guitar, acoustic/electric guitar, vocals and Tom Galgano: keyboards, vocals.

This is a band worth checking out.

By Jeb Wright