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Meat Loaf – Guilty Pleasures Tour – Live from Sydney (DVD)
Concert One LTD
Rating: B+
Meat Loaf continues to find new ways to apply his insatiable appetite for creativity. This time around it is with the release of his latest DVD, Guilty Pleasures Tour – Live from Sydney.
Meat has put out live concerts before, but none so technologically advanced with so many musicians on stage and with such an amazing live show. Recorded in 2012 in Sydney Australia, the concert experience is taken to new heights on the DVD. Meat explains, “The viewer gets to see what he or she would normally never see from being in the audience. The viewer gets to live in a different world.”

The track listing includes many of Meat’s classic tunes, opening up with his most famous Rocky Horror Picture Show moment “Hot Patootie” with a snipped of “Time Warp” included just for fun. Early in the set comes “Bat Out of Hell” and the visuals to this song add to the tunes power. This is one of the highlights of the set. Patti Russo shines during “Anything for Love” and “Paradise by the Dashboard Light.” She is an amazing vocalist, to the point that she overtakes the stage from Meat, which is a very difficult thing to do.

The classic “Two Out of Three Ain’t Bad” takes on new life with a very cool instrumental section from Meat’s band, The Neverland Express. The band Meat Loaf has behind him is as impressive as his best vocal performances. They understand the music, the harmonies and the overall impact needed to perform a Meat Loaf concert and they do it well.

The newest edition to the band is twenty year old Ginny “Cool Hand” Luke. Her performance is very inspiring and she brings vibrancy and energy to an already over the top stage.
The show ends with an amazing musical performance of “Boneyard” which turns into “All Revved Up.” The show ends with Russo and Meat shooting t-shirts to the crowd out of penis guns. They are using their head though, as the penis guns have condoms on them for save shots!

Guilty Pleasures Tour – Live from Sydney is a winner from beginning to end. It is not just a hit fest as newer tunes, including “Los Angeloser” and “Peace on Earth” are highpoints of the show, proving that Mr. Loaf still has the “it” factor.
By Jeb Wright