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Peter Frampton – Best of FCA! 35 Tour
Eagle Rock Entertainment


Rating: B+

Peter Frampton hit the road in 2011 celebrating three and a half decades since the release of his landmark live album Frampton Comes Alive! The concerts saw the guitarist performing the classic double-live album in its entirety and then some.

Frampton has continued making great music, and in the latter half of his career has actually been on a creative peak, even earning a Grammy nomination in 2011. This double DVD documents two shows, one at the famous Beacon Theater in New York City and the other at Milwaukee’s Pabst Theater.

DVD 1 is the classic album played front to back while the second disc concentrates on the newer material. The most beloved bonus feature is Peter being reunited with his guitar The Phoenix. This guitar was lost for decades when it suddenly resurfaced and returned home.

The great thing about these discs is that Frampton does not just regurgitate the live album. He plays it all, but has fun adding color and flourish on the songs.

We are glad to report that while his locks have fallen out of his head, his musical soul and voice are quite intact. Frampton delivers big on every song. The other great news is that his new songs, while not as known as the classics, are every bit as good. In fact, the viewer/listener will appreciate this disc more, as unless they are a diehard fan, they may not be aware of the new music. Once they see and hear what Frampton has been up to the past few years, I predict this disc will become as loved as the classic album.

By Jeb Wright